Cloves Benefits for health ,Secret uses of clove oil & clove water

Cloves Benefits for health ,Secret uses of clove oil & clove water

Cloves are small dried flower buds that originally come from the Maluku islands in Indonesia.

These are used for thousands of years as a cooking spice and also as natural medicine.

Clove is that the dried unopened bud.

The term clove springs from the French word ‘clov’ and therefore the English word ‘clout’, both meaning nail.

The grown, but unopened buds, are picked green and dried within the sun till they became dark brown.

Each bud features a rather cylindrical expanding base topped by a plump ball like unopened petals or corolla, surrounded by the four- toothed calyx.

If this flower bud is left unpicked, the flower develops after fertilization into a fleshy, purplish, or blackish fruit.

Cloves are favorite by the Chinese.

They play a crucial role in Sri Lankan cooking.

They’re extensively utilized in the Mughlai cuisine of northern India.

They enjoy high popularity within the Middle East, many Arab countries, and northern Africa.

Altogether these countries, they’re preferred for meat dishes.

Consequently, many spice mixtures contain cloves within the Chinese five-spice powder, the Indian garam masala, and therefore the Mexican mole sauces.


Amazing Health Benefits of cloves

  • Clove is stimulating, carminative, and aromatic. it’s given as powder or an infusion for nausea, vomiting, flatulence, dyspepsia, and languid indigestion.
  • The essential oil contains medicinal properties and maybe a strong germicide, antiseptic, and an area irritant.
    It is used as an expectorant to assist bronchial troubles.
  • They increase blood circulation and augment nutrition generally.
  • Cloves prevent griping or spasmodic contraction and expansion.
  • They are good diuretics and promote urination, thus cleansing the urogenital system.
  • They help in obliterating any foul smell within the mouth once you keep a couple of cloves within the mouth.
    Chewing a couple of cloves with salt helps in stopping cough problems.
  • Cloves are one of the simplest sources of manganese on the earth, a mineral that may help to strengthen the joints.
  • These help to relieve joint pain such as shoulder or knee pain, and also reduce inflammation in the connective tissues.
  • A clove boiled in gingerly oil, and use of this oil within the ear removes earache and discharge within the ear.
  • Cloves oil is employed extensively in perfumery industries and dentists to treat toothache and as an antiseptic.
  • Cloves have tons more to them than meets the attention they often utilized in recipes such as pumpkin pies and gingerbread and this is often because cloves give off a warm sweet and aromatic taste to those recipes.
  • Apart from their use in baked goods, cakes, confectionery, chocolate, puddings, desserts, sweets, syrups, preserves, etc, they’re also widely utilized in curries, gravies, pickles, ketchup, sauces, and spice mixtures.
  • It is an ingredient of many kinds of toothpaste and mouthwashes.
  • The oil is additionally used as a cleaning agent in histological work. It’s used for the formation of artificial vanilla.
    The flavor is so versatile that it is often even be added to being soups and meat dishes.
  • This tea is packed full of antioxidants and will help to strengthen your body and make it more resistant to disease. They have been shown to assist repel harmful bacteria, yeast, and mold within the body.
  • Test tube studies show that clove oil can destroy breast, cervical, and colon cancer cells. Antioxidant-rich foods like cloves can help to repair DNA and stop the blood supply to cancer cells within the body.
  • Many use clove oil as a natural remedy to promote hair growth because it contains antioxidants and minerals that help to produce collagen.
  • Massaging diluted oil of cloves into the scalp can improve blood circulation, and repel any dandruff or fungus which will be blocking hair follicles.
  • Cloves contain a compound called nigericin which has been shown to assist muscle cells to soak up glucose and sugar. This helps to balance blood sugar levels and may be useful for those suffering from diabetes.
  • Clove oil has been shown in some studies to assist in repel respiratory infections within the lungs like pneumonia and influenza.

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Secret Uses of cloves:

  • Pregnant women should consume foods rich in manganese to guard their children against skeletal defects.
    If you suffering from tooth pain or aching gums then you may apply a small amount of clove oil to relieve pain.
  • Studies show that the healing compounds in clove oil work as a natural anesthetic in the mouth and can also protect the teeth from erosion and cavities.
  • Historically people would chew on a couple of cloves before meeting royalty to repel bad breath.
  • The strong aromatic smell of these dried flower buds helps to destroy odor-causing bacteria in the mouth and makes the breath smell fresh.
  • Cloves contain natural compounds like eugenol which may help to fight liver disease by improving liver function. And This helps your body to filter out toxins and waste, to protect you from long-term illnesses.
  • There is an age-old remedy to assist keep flies out of the house during the summer months. Simply slice a fresh lime or lemon in half and place cloves into the fruit.
  • The reaction between the acid of the lemon and therefore the aroma of the cloves helps to discourage flies.
  • Cloves are one of the richest antioxidant spices in the world and Antioxidants found in cloves help to protect the body against premature aging and free radical damage.
  • This can help to slow the aging process and protect the organs like the eyes from oxidative stress which comes with age.
  • You can make a strong natural mouthwash by mixing warm water with tea tree oil, cloves, and basil. Using this mixture for 21 days improved gum health and reduced plague and bacteria in the mouth.
  • Cloves have a sweet aromatic flavor and are used in many seasonal recipes.
    One of the simplest ways to enjoy the medicinal properties of cloves is by steeping them in predicament to form a herb tea.
  • Cloves are used as a natural remedy for nausea and vomiting caused by motion sickness. The clove compounds inside are said to settle the stomach when taking long journeys.
  • It is highly recommended to mix equal amounts of cloves and cardamom to help calm the stomach and dispel gas. These spices help to soothe digestion and improve the pumping action of the colon called peristalsis.


Benefits of drinking clove water

Without a doubt, Hydration is one of the biggest benefits of drinking infused clove water.

The infused clove water can help you regulate your hunger levels.

Clove plays a kind of magic because they play a role in keeping your stomach from growling between meals.

The infused clove water can help to keep your blood sugar levels in check.

Anyone who’s watching their blood sugar levels will be happy to know one great strategy for keeping things in order to simply add clove-infused water into their daily routine.

The infused clove water has antibacterial properties.

Sure chemical-free mouthwash and fruit and green tea are a great way to improve your oral hygiene,

but it might work even better with the addition of cloves.

Infused clove water help with inflammation, cloves are known for their anti-inflammatory effects.

Past studies have shown eating cloves on a daily basis could lead to major benefits and experts specifically recommend them for helping with arthritis.

Drinking infused water will fill your stomach so there is less room for unwanted and overeating.

Drinking more water will aid your body and release excess fat cells.

Food will digest easier. Toxins will be flushed from your body.

Less muscle fatigue, resulting in more energy while exercising.


Clove oil benefits and uses

The first benefit of clove essential oil is it’s good for your skin but in very small amounts.

This oil can be skin irritating if you use it at a higher dilution rate than a half percent.

It is an antioxidant as well which means it’s great for improving the appearance of skin and healing skin after sun damage.

It is recommended that make sure to use a half-percent dilution rate or less.

When using clove essential oil and pair it with really gentle oil too like lavender or sandalwood which is going to help calm the irritation that clove essential oil can create.

Clove essential oil is really good at killing germs and bacteria use it in a DIY cleaner or in a diffuser to help kill germs.

Clove essential oil can boost your immune system as a stimulating aroma that helps keep your body awake.

Essential oil is also really good at soothing pain.

It even creates a local numbing type feeling to a pained area which makes it popular for using with tooth pain and with general pain too.

One of the most commonly occurring chemicals in clove essential oil is Eugenol.

This is what gives its pain-relieving qualities and its ability to kill germs.

Clove oil has been investigated as an antibacterial agent for preliminary research.

In one study mouth rinse containing clove basil and tea tree oil was found to help to fight plaque and bacteria in the mouth.
That is also why you will find clove oil in plenty of popular toothpaste.

Using clove oil as a lotion or adding cloves into tea may also help combat the inflammation.
Metabolism will get a nice boost.

Clove oil can be used topically on the skin to help relieve chronic itching.

The antibacterial compounds in cloves can reduce swelling, fight acne and kill infectious bacteria on the skin naturally.

Clove oil is added to a liquid culture and used in a vaporizer to help kill off viral infections.

However, more research is currently required.



Use a half-percent dilution rate or less.

Avoid clove essential oil around pets, it can be irritating to their nose and may cause adverse effects.

While diffusing oil around a pet make sure to leave a door open so that it can leave the room if it irritates them.

This oil generally considered safe to use with individuals aged ten and up.


Possible side effects of cloves that you should be aware of:

Overconsumption of clove may thin out your blood and increase the risk of bleeding.

The clove contains a chemical called ‘eugenol’, which is a blood-thinning agent, can decelerate the process of blood clotting, promoting abnormal bleeding.

It is suggested that stay away from eating too much clove while suffering from bleeding disorders, such as hemophilia, or taking drugs with anticoagulants.


Lowers sugar level in the blood

For those who have lower than normal blood sugar levels, it is better, should reduce their consumption of clove.

It has been found that the herb can decrease the amount of glucose in our bloodstream significantly.

Therefore, try to keep a close eye on your blood sugar levels and modify your clove intake accordingly.



Clove can also impose toxic effects on you.

If you eat more or improperly stored clove or use large doses of its raw extract can cause several health problems.

There is a chance of developing several symptoms like nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, sore throat, sedation, fluid imbalance.

Causes allergic reactions

Allergic reactions are another common side effect of clove, again caused by eugenol.

Various allergic reactions that you may have to face due to excessive clove ingestion are rashes, hives, swelling, etc.

Makes the skin sensitive

Cloves can damage your skin by making it super sensitive.

Topical application of undiluted clove oil can give you irritation, rashes, burns.

sometimes it can even damage the skin cells.







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